Lighthouse Chiropractic
Dr. Dan Curriden
1424 Spring St.
Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 805-9090

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The Smyrna GA Chiropractor

Are You Looking for a Chiropractor in Smyrna, GA or one who is
convenient to Marietta, Vinings, or Mableton? 

Lighthouse Chiropractic is the closest chiropractor to the center of Smyrna, GA, just a few hundred yards from City Hall and the Community Center. You can easily reach us from Atlanta Road, Cobb Parkway, Windy Hill, 75, or 285.

Located in a charming, century-old building with real hardwood floors and high celings, you will immediately feel relaxed and at home. When Dr. Dan Curriden opened Lighthouse Chiropractic in 1999, he chose to make the Lighthouse as welcoming and friendly as possible, rather than the typical sterile doctor’s offices most of us have visited.

Why We Chose To Locate Our
Chiropractic Office In Smyrna GA

Dr. Curriden looked at a number of locations around metro Atlanta, but chose Smyrna because of its small-town feel.  Even though Smyrna has experienced tremendous growth during the last several years, it hasn’t lost it’s small-town, friendly feel.  Because of how close we are to the heart of Smyrna, we have been called The Smyrna Chiropractic office, and Dr. Curriden is proud to be known as the Smyrna GA Chiropractor.

Although most of our practice members come from Smyrna, Marietta, Vinings and Mableton, we have many that come from such far away places as California, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Mississippi, and New Orleans to name but a few.  Most of these people have heard about us from our local practice members telling their out-of-town family and friends.

Why Would People Travel Hundreds Of Miles
To Smyrna, GA To See A Chiropractor?

We like to think that they come because we’re so nice, but the main reason is because of the great results they receive…the same great results that you’ll likely experience when you try us for your chiropractic needs. One of the reasons for the great results is that we exclusively use the Gonstead System of Chiropractic.

The Gonstead System has been continually improved since 1923.  It is a specific, biomechanically correct system for locating and correcting spine-related problems. The Gonstead System is only practiced by a handful of chiropractors around the world, so that’s why many of our traveling practice members don’t have it available where they live.

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